From January to December, Ambassadors unite the state in common purpose and scale the ethic of youth service through structured service and leadership development opportunities.  These include two Unity Events and three opportunities for local leadership.

With the invaluable support of educators and non-profit partners, Project 351 provides leadership development, structured programming, and a forum for unity and discovering the joy of service.

Unity Events demonstrate the extraordinary impact achieved by a community of 8th graders united in common purpose.  Program features include team-building, leadership skills development, and issues awareness to increase knowledge, build empathy, and compel commitment.

Local projects engage youth in Project 351's leadership development training with a customized Service Toolkit, weekly training calls, adult and “near peer” mentoring, and one-on-one coaching.  This support inspires and enables the Ambassador to imagine, develop, and lead their own service project at their school, house of worship, or in community.  

In addition to communication, project management, and leadership skills, Ambassadors learn about critical issues, develop empathy and compassion, and hone their abilities to inspire and motivate others to act.  The result is locally based service and peer engagement that unites their community, provides significant scale for select nonprofits, and showcases youth leaders as a catalyst for change.