Local Leadership

Ambassadors are invited to lead Spring, 9.11 Tribute, and Fall service days in their local communities.  By uniting with their Ambassador classmates in common cause, they demonstrate the extraordinary scale of good achieved by committed young people.

Project 351 provides comprehensive training and support for the Ambassador's service leadership and project development during the 12 month term. For each of the service campaigns, educators are essential partners in our shared efforts to develop a statewide ethic of youth service.  Educators' commitment to excellence and devotion to the unlimited potential of every child sets the standard to which we aspire.  We are grateful for their wisdom, guidance, and partnership.

Project 351's three statewide service campaigns are:

Spring Service, benefiting Cradles to Cradles, is the largest youth-led service initiative in the Commonwealth’s history.  This Spring, Ambassadors and Alumni engaged 266 cities and towns in children’s clothing and shoe drives.  Together, they elevate the challenge of childhood poverty and encourage citizen service and generosity.  Project 351 is now the largest single provider of recycled clothing and shoes for Cradles to Crayons, impacting more than 62,500 children since 2012.  

9.11 Tribute Service, in partnership with the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund, engages Ambassadors and Alumni in service to “honor and remember” those lost on September 11, 2001 and in military combat since.  Youth lead community drives for wish list items, letters/cards of gratitude, and financial support to create 1000 care packages for local troops serving abroad and veterans served by the New England Center for Homeless Veterans.  Ambassadors and Alumni also lead “hometown tributes” to honor the 9.11 anniversary and to support local heroes -- police, fire, and military.

Fall Service supports the fight to end hunger in the Commonwealth by raising awareness, resources, and food donations for hometown food pantries.  This Fall, the team is leading 116 projects in support of 96 food pantries.